the artist statement

My intent is to share a love I have for art in it's many forms. Inspired by my days early on in rural Caddo Parish in the small town of Belcher, Louisiana it brings me such joy share with you my interpretation artistically using acrylics, pencil, and multiple layers with a some texture.  The layers represent tone and life's influence in that moment, and the colors express the palette choice for that day. From burlap to a leaf, I look for the innocence of these elements in a world full of texture.  I find joy in the transfer of various elements to enhance the work. Lately I've even started using graphite - after a long layoff. 

Through my art, my hope is that you find a little of YOU somewhere in the various textures, colors, and the layers in the works. My heritage is my inspiration. Thank you momma and daddy for letting me stay home to draw when the family was on our bi-weekly trip into "town". (aka Shreveport) You never questioned why, but allowed me to walk in my individuality...allowing the art to take it's place in my life. To my siblings I send a special thank you for knowing when I needed to be in that back corner in the back room of the house just have that time to draw, paint, or practice my music.