The Art

My art is a reflection of my past, present, and a combination of the both. The days of old in rural Belcher, LA, my college days, and experiences along the way rests in the heart of my art. This adventure has given me the opportunity to put this journey on paper and canvas. I’ve concluded that the longer you live, the more you realize nothing under this sun is really new. We all share a lot of the same thoughts, and consequently experience life just like the neighbors next door. Though you will see some elements that are obviously somewhat personal for me, so much of it has more to do with LIFE. As you view these works, I encourage you to make them as personal as you’d they transcend what may be very personal for me, but hopeful that they become universal - in a very real way.

the vision

The goal in expressing my "heart" revolves around not being specific to any particular style. I believe that the many facets of the visuals represent the "multi-creative" soul that I am...yet growing into constantly. Being a visual artist, graphic designer, writer, and a musician move my artistic expression into many areas. Like the aforementioned mediums I enjoy, my art gives a hint of these various creative disciplines...all done from my heart.